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Home Sellers…

Achieve the sort of home presentation for sale that sparks a bidding war amongst potential buyers.

Tracey McLeod, founder of Presentation Sells, explains how she can help you make the most money from your occupied home for sale, no matter your budget, time frame or selling price.

2-Hour Consultation with Tracey McLeod

I help home sellers profit from the potential in their homes for sale.

I don’t fluff or furnish. As a home stager I am a visual marketing specialist who helps home sellers unlock the gold and get their homes sold.

Paint, plants, furniture, furnishings, artwork and accessories are tools I recommend and use to bring a property to where the target buyer can successfully see the home as their new home, not as your old home.

– Tracey Mcleod, Presentation Sells


Do you want your home’s performance at sale to reach it’s full potential?

With a track record of helping home sellers, property specialists and real estate agents to quickly prepare, present and profit at sale; Tracey McLeod has helped home sellers make thousands of dollars more when selling their homes.

Tracey McLeod, full biography

What if a home staging service could do more than just get your home “photo ready”?

 Imagine if it could empower you, equip you, support you, and even help you relax and enjoy the home selling journey?

Worried home seller

Market uncertainty adds to home seller stress.

Most home sellers are already under pressure without the added stress of knowing how to present their home for sale for maximum profit.

Even when they’re confident about selling their home, they can worry about affordability and availability of their next home, market uncertainty, and the risk of the sale falling through.

This is totally understandable when huge sums of money are at stake and, as a home seller, you don’t always know who to turn to.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and just accept a ‘pre-photo prep’, when what you need is a clear path to success with a results driven home staging service.

What if preparing your home for sale actually resulted in less fear and no tears?

Giving Personal Power To Home Sellers

Research shows keeping the house clean is a major stressor for home sellers

Keeping the house clean is a major stress for home sellers.

As a home seller you’re twice as likely to feel that selling a property is more stressful than buying one, due to having to keep the house clean for constant viewings.

Women in particular feel anxious about their home being scrutinised whilst on the market.

And as women, we often wonder how to find the time to do everything else, let alone figuring out exactly how our home should be presented for sale. 

Wouldn’t you rather be planning the future for your family, than scanning reality TV shows for the latest home presentation tips and tricks?

We don’t want you to feel completely drained on top of having to make major life decisions.

Why not give me a free call now, or send in your question? I’ll help you with the answers to your most pressing problems.

What if a buyer could fall in love with your home at first sight from the first open?

In the Morning


Yes, they can.

The facts are undeniable. Scientists have found that patterns and proportions have universal appeal.

Brain scan research reveals that we instinctively desire, and actually reach for, attractive things.

Certain colours have been shown to boost creativity and motivation.

Wall colour and art can inspire us to achieve more.

Experiencing beauty moves us to act.

We know that subtle changes can have a dramatic effect.

That’s why Presentation Sells’ unique blend of visual marketing, buyer psychology and design, sells faster and for more.

We prove it time after time!

The proof of this can be seen through the results consistently achieved by Presentation Sells’ clients in 2017:

Owner-occupied homes sold made between $40,000 and $215,000 more than the real estate agent’s price estimate prior to styling or the highest offer prior to styling.

Selling price was at least 10% above the average home-for-sale discount rate in their suburb.

The owners saved an additional $3,600 to $12,100 on holding costs as as result of their faster sale.

They spent 80% less time on the market than the average days for their suburb.

The sellers saved an additional $3,600 to $12,100 on holding costs (mortgage, rates, utilities, etc.).

In the Afternoon



Tracey is THE BEST in the business! My clients love her!

– Terri Cooper, Real Estate Agent

The Gold Coast's only multi award winning home stager, Tracey McLeod

The Gold Coast’s only multi award winning home stager, Tracey McLeod

What the professionals are saying…

Jan Hogarth, Principal, Placemate Architects

Tracey McLeod is a pleasure to work with.

Her sense of colour and composition frames the experience for the owner every day so that the details resonate to create a harmonious whole.

For sale, she creates an open light mood that suits the house, looks great in photos and appeals to buyers. Her skills have added tens of thousands to the sale price of properties for their owners.Jan Hogarth, Architect


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Customer Reviews

  • "HAPPY! EXCITED! RELIEVED! GOING, GOING, GONE!… What a great result under the hammer… THE door opens to another exciting part of our journey – thank-you everyone!"

    Terri, Home Seller, Nundah

    Real Estate Agent

  • "You won’t believe this but Ben is falling in love with our house the more we do to it! We love the style you taught us."

    Emma, Home Seller, Cleveland


  • "Our results were so impressive that I've decided to never again sell without using Tracey to professionally stage and style the property. And because I loved the outcome of her work so much I've asked Tracey to work with me to design the interior of my new home."

    Gayle, Home Seller, Burleigh Waters

    Financial Planner

  • "Your eye for detail, professionalism and your kindness of spirit have brought me through a time of personal tragedy when I didn’t think I could even get out of bed some mornings. I have so much to thank you for."

    Linda, Home Seller, Oxenford

    Online Marketer and Dog Breeder

  • "A professional team who provide excellent advice in relation to preparing a home for sale. They bring with them years of experience and offered practical and economic solutions to modernise our 15 year old home."

    Robyn, Home Seller, Currumbin

    Office Administrator (Retired)

  • "The opening went well and the house looked lovely and very presentable. It is quite lovely to walk around the house and see my own artworks displayed so beautifully on the walls, all in harmony with the design and style of the house."

    Sharon, Home Seller, Paddington


  • "You helped me to feel braver around what I am willing to try. Thank you again."

    Jo, Home Seller, Holland Park

    Marketing Manager

  • "I love everything about it… From living in a shoebox to a trendy and cosy home. Bringing a woman’s touch seems simple and easy to do, but to transform a place into something trendy and cosy that your buyer can call home… that’s something special."

    Jack, Home Seller, Surfers Paradise

    Property Investor

  • "This lovely lady is a gem!! It was a pleasure having Tracey here to show us how we can do little changes and leave a huge impact in the overall impression. We loved our house and our style before hands , but now we have the "wow" factor in every zone of our house!! "

    Sandra, Home Seller, Sovereign Island


Get the TOP 5 home presentation secrets so you can get started today:

Learn how to prepare and present your home for sale..

Let's get started