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12 Home Selling Hero Moments

Oct 24, 2022
The Hero's Journey for House Proud Home Sellers


Most owner-occupied home sellers are inexperienced. Often, we only sell our homes once every 10 years, or more. Along the way, a lot of small decisions made at the right time will lead you to a successful sale.

While there is great uncertainty for the average home seller, the one thing you can control in your home selling journey is your home's presentation at sale. Decisions need to be made on the fly as you embark on your own home selling hero's journey:

  1. ORDINARY WORLD - Leaving comfort and security:More often than not, putting your home on the market does not lead straight to a successful sale. There are challenges that will make you feel like quitting. 
  2. CALL TO ADVENTURE - Time to take action:The timing of your home selling journey is unique to you. Both the speed and success of your journey depends on your readiness to take up the 'call to adventure'.
  3. REFUSAL OF THE CALL - You may  think its not the right time: Market uncertainty can stop you in your tracks. Interest rate rises and inflation impact banks, borrowers and buyer demand. 
  4. MEETING THE MENTOR - Strength and courage: It only takes one person you trust who has successfully navigated the real estate market for you to believe in your successful sale. 
  5. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: Decision to follow your bliss. Every home selling journey is not the same. Only you can decide whether it will be a positive and proactive experience. 
  6. TESTS, ALLIES & ENEMIES: Out of the comfort zone. Carefully consider your next steps. Listening to friends and family, or enlisting the help of others who are inexperienced, could delay or derail a successful sale.
  7. APPROACH: Leap into the unknown. How do you get to a successful home sale and, as importantly, how do you create a successful home selling experience?

Just keep learning...

  1. ORDEAL: Personal challenge and rebirth. Challenges keep appearing. You do not have to face them alone. Offers can fall over or be lower than expected. It is the home's preparedness for market that will give your courage.
  1. REWARD: Achieving the goal. Once you have prepared and presented your home for sale. You need to get it onto the market with the help of great marketing photos and to keep it 'show-ready' while its on the market. The low-cost House Proud Home Sellers online training program uses The GOLD-Class SystemTM to help you and your family successfully prepare, present and profit from your home for sale.
  1. THE ROAD BACK: The Choice. Do you accept the first offer or wait until the last offer? At this stage in your house proud home sellers journey, you should be making informed decisions with a strong sense of where your home's selling price sits in the current market. 
  1. RESURRECTION: The Final Battle. As offers come in, you make the decision to accept one. There may be some back and forth with the prospective buyers. The offer may be subject to a building and pest inspection and a bank valuation. While you wait, you might continue to open your home to other potential buyers, just in case the deal falls over.
  1. RETURN: Growth and Change. In the last weeks of your house proud home selling journey, you will be preparing to leave the home. Both you and the home will have changed. And it's time to celebrate!

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I look forward to supporting you in your own hero's journey.

Tracey McLeod, Presentation Sells

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