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Six Traits of A Top Dollar Home Seller

Six Traits Of A Top Dollar Home Seller


Top Dollar home sellers share a number of traits that set them apart from everyone else on the market. The contrast between a successful 'top dollar' owner-occupied home seller and your average Jane is obvious. House proud home sellers prepare for the journey in a way that most home sellers do not. They get everything ready before the 1st viewing and stay ready while the home is on-the-market. 

The term 'top dollar' can suggest a specific price point at sale but, in fact, it is different for everyone. When I sold my first home, top dollar was $18,000 higher than a previous offer. Since then, I have helped owner-occupied home sellers achieve up to $215,000 more while living in their homes for sale.

For one home seller, three written offers and selling at four thousand dollars below asking price from the first open home was 'top dollar'. For another couple, it was 52 groups through the first open home, six written offers and $45,000 above asking price. Each faced obstacles and opposition. All had major life issues happening behind their reason for selling. All had a compelling reason to succeed. 

Here are some traits that can help you achieve the same success:

1.Your 'Why'

Your reason for selling has to be big enough that you can see beyond the roadblocks that impede most home sellers. Without a 'why', you're in danger of stumbling over every impediment and falling short at sale. 

2. Your Attention

Distractions are deadly for owner-occupied home sellers when time to prepare the home is limited. By any measure, home selling is stressful. It's important that your attention is laser focused on the home presentation decisions that need to be made moment-by-moment as part of a planned and targeted approach. 

3. Your Focus

There may be jobs around the house that have been niggling you for years. It's too easy to lose your way by focusing on tasks that give you personal satisfaction but will not bring you top dollar at sale. You only want to focus on the home improvements that buyers are likely to notice and pay more for. 

4. Your Leadership

You will need to lead your 'team' to success. You cannot do everything alone. Now is not the time to be a martyr. You'll end up as a blubbering mess or self soothing with a stiff drink or three. Your team of family, friends and in-home workers need a team leader. You are 'it'.

5. Your Positive Mental Attitude

Seeing every setback as a catastrophe does not lead to a top dollar sale on the real estate market. If you give way to anxiety you will cave under pressure and lose your way. Nothing is as important as getting your home prepared and presented prior to entering the market.

When things go wrong just remember, that "it always works out all of the time". This mantra has saved me many times working in owner-occupied homes. 

6. The 3 C's - Curiosity, Courage and Competitiveness

This is the secret sauce that when mixed correctly becomes a cocktail for success. Be curious enough to try new ways of seeing your home and your decor. Be courageous enough to ignore the 'nay-sayers' (everyone will have an opinion). Be competitive enough to lift your home above the sea of sameness that is the real estate market. 

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