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RADIO INTERVIEW: Reality TV v Real Home

Mar 19, 2023
Presentation Sells | Occupied Home Staging
RADIO INTERVIEW: Reality TV v Real Home

Would you really give away $25,000 to the next person who walked in your front door?

- Tracey McLeod, Presentation Sells

In this radio interview, Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells talks about occupied home styling with Kevin Turner from 4BCs Real Estate Talk Radio.


In this radio interview, Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells discusses the value of home styling and the limitations of reality TV shows. She emphasises that professional home styling is a marketing opportunity and can add value to a property. McLeod shares examples of how her business has transformed homes through simple changes like cleaning and adding furnishings. She also encourages homeowners to seek professional help instead of giving away potential value by presenting their homes for sale on their own.


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