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House Proud Home Sellers - SOLO Study - $197.00 AUD

Showcase your home for selling success.

House Proud Home Sellers Gold Membership offers 30 days of access from the course start date. It is designed for motivated residential real estate owners and industry professionals who are ready to sell for top dollar* while living in their home for sale.

What's included in the HPHS online training program:

1. The GOLD-Class System 7 MODULES delivered over 30 days in the online training program portal with VIDEOS, LINKS & DOWNLOADS on how to prepare, present, and profit faster with less stress at sale. 

2. Plus BONUS CONTENT & UPGRADES. Bonus materials including full access to the Home  Transformation Week pre-training video series.

3. Your 30-DAY Membership will be chock full of course and community access PLUS newly created course content for the duration of your program membership.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING available upon request.

COMPLETION Certificate.

ADDITIONAL member rewards, special offers, and more, available at any time inside our private community.

Top dollar* is the personal best your and your home can achieve given your timeframe and budget for selling.

What People Are Saying:

I highly recommend the buying public take this course! Tracey and I have been working together for years, and I find that her insights and understanding of what it takes to present a house as strong as possible from day one is second to none. She is spot on as she states how an accumulation of small things can lead to a large price reduction. Join Tracey today. You’ll have a stronger sale tomorrow!

Bobbie McGrath, Top Ten US Home Stager, Successful Staging

The moment that I realised a difference was being made during the House Proud Home Sellers course, was when one of the people who was doing the course asked to share his experience of the process. By taking us on a tour of his house, and discussing how Tracey was actually at that time helping him to prepare their house for sale, was really very powerful. By sharing his experience from a client's or home seller's point of view, I realised how important our role is to assist home sellers. It really cemented in my mind how powerful we are as occupied home stagers. I feel much more confident now that I've been part of a highly experienced occupied home stager's course in Tracey's programme. Number one, I don't feel so isolated because I know that I can go back and ask Tracey questions if I need to. And I know that I'm heading down the right path in the future. So thank you, Tracey. I'm really really so thrilled to have been part of your programme. It's an absolute must to do! Anybody who's thinking about doing the programme, particularly as a home stager, I would really recommend that you do it. You won't be sorry!

Helen Jones, Stage the Dream, Property Stylist

There's no one out there telling us everything about occupied home staging and you go into every detail and all the angles that most people don't know about. You truly go through step-by-step-by-step and then go back again and show us through the before and after photos, which is very nice. A lot of times in other training programs, they just show a quick before and after photo. You explain and show the before and after room photos from all the angles, which is great! The has completely levelled me out because you give me all the answers. As soon as I completed watching the whole thing, I knew you were going to make my life easier. The course has given me a whole different way to look at staging occupied homes. You've help me be more organised to help my people in my career.

Kim Nicholson, Signature Stager and Realtor