Team Study

HPHS Membership Bundle - Team Study - $397 AUD

Showcase Your Occupied Home for Selling Success

House Proud Home Sellers Team Study Membership offers 60 days of membership access from the course start date. This membership is reserved for:

  • Motivated home sellers with multiple team members.
  • Occupied home stagers seeking to enhance their skills and market understanding.
  • Real estate agents aiming to prepare and present homes to achieve top-dollar sales.

This membership level includes the comprehensive 'House Proud Home Sellers' training program, featuring the GOLD-CLASS system. Additionally, the 'Home Transformation Week' (HTW) training modules are delivered over the first 10 days and integrate seamlessly with the first week's release of the House Proud Home Sellers (HPHS) 7-step online training program.

Modules are sequential and provide invaluable information to inform each subsequent step. Begin by completing the HTW modules first, then proceed to the HPHS course content. Performing each exercise is essential to maximize your potential for a top-dollar home sale.

TOP DOLLAR: You and your home are unique. Results will vary based on your abilities, timeframe, budget, and prevailing market conditions. Do not compare your results to pre-sale expectations or other sellers' outcomes.

Membership Includes 60 Days Access PLUS:

The Gold-Class System

This 7-step, action-oriented program provides a blueprint for using the fall-in-love formula to turn your home into a top earner. You will have access to me and your community for questions and answers.

Home Transformation Week is based on the seven-step GOLD-CLASS System:

  • PREPARE - Lay the groundwork with a solid foundation.
  • GOLD - “Go into Open homes Like a Detective”
    • This is fun and educational when you know what questions to ask and what to observe in other homes for sale.
  • C - Calculate Your Return On Investment
    • Learn what to focus on when presenting your home for a top-dollar sale.
    • Understand the deal-breakers for buyers and where and when to invest your time and talent.
    • Identify who can assist you in this crucial step.
  • L - Love
    • View your home with a buyer's heart, not a seller's head.
    • Liveability ensures your home functions well.
    • Walkability ensures your home is clean and clear.
    • Desirability draws in your target buyer.
  • PRESENT - Take the big three ACTION steps.
    • Attract
      • Showcase your home’s unique personality for great online marketing photos.
      • Decide what stays and what goes by viewing your home through buyers' eyes.
      • Pack, store, clean, and clear for a top-dollar return on investment.
      • Prioritize your personal safety and security.
    • Style
      • Add style to attract the highest number of potential buyers with a one-day makeover.
      • Prepare for a move-in ready presentation.
    • Show
      • Learn how to prepare your home for sale viewings in one hour.
      • Maintain a market-ready home, even with kids, pets, work, and other commitments.
  • PROFIT - Earn from your efforts with a trifecta for selling success:
    • PREPARE: Confidence in your preparation given your local market, personal circumstances, budget, and timeframe.
    • PRESENT: High-quality marketing photos.
    • PROFIT: A show-ready home.


  • "HOME TRANSFORMATION WEEK" Video series to prepare yourself for sale.
  • HOUSE PROUD HOME SELLERS: Occupied Home Seller training using The GOLD-CLASS System - 60 days access.
  • eBOOK "Top Dollar Tight Budget" - Achieve your personal best given your timeframe and budget.
  • eBOOK "Colour Psychology In The Home"
  • PHOTOS: Professional before and after photos inside real homes for sale.
  • ADVANCE notice of live events and offers.
  • UPGRADES and bonus materials.
  • HOME SELLER TOOLS including links, lesson plans, and action steps.
  • ADDITIONAL member upgrades & special offers available.

What People Are Saying:

I highly recommend the buying public take this course! Tracey and I have been working together for years, and I find that her insights and understanding of what it takes to present a house as strong as possible from day one is second to none. She is spot on as she states how an accumulation of small things can lead to a large price reduction. Join Tracey today. You’ll have a stronger sale tomorrow!

Bobbie McGrath, Top Ten US Home Stager, Successful Staging

There's no one out there telling us everything about occupied home staging and you go into every detail and all the angles that most people don't know about. You truly go through step-by-step-by-step and then go back again and show us through the before and after photos, which is very nice. A lot of times they're just a quick before and after photo. You explain and show the before and after room photos from all the angles, which is great! The has completely levelled me out because you give me all the answers. As soon as I completed watching the whole thing, I knew you were going to make my life easier. The course has given me a whole different way to look at staging occupied homes. You've help me be more organised to help my people in my career.

Kim Nicholson - Owner of Signature Stager and Realtor

As a founding member of HPHS I was fortunate to be given early access to some aspects of this amazing course. The real world examples backed by factual data in the videos, along with the fact that Tracey is so professional and has years of experience, cannot be ignored. It has blown me away due to the valuable information I have learnt.

Helen Jones - Owner and Property Stylist, Stage The Dream