There is only one thing you can control while your home is on the market... your home's presentation at sale.

Discover a stress-free home selling experience and top dollar at sale while living in your home with House Proud Home Sellers, an online training program using the unique GOLD-Class System, a proven home presentation system for home selling success. 


House Proud Home Sellers

Sell your house faster for more and with less stress.

House Proud Home Sellers (HPHS) is a 7-module, 60-day online training program for hands-on home sellers of all skill levels. By closely following the process you can sell your home faster, for more, and with less stress - all while you are living in it.

Feel right at home... 

It doesn't matter if you're presenting an entry level home or a high-priced home, Presentation Sells' House Proud Home Sellers (HPHS) community is for you, if:

  • you have a¬†dream¬†that only selling your home will¬†help you realise;
  • you're considering¬†selling this year or next, and¬†
  • you want to be educated on how to prepare, present, and profit from selling your private¬†residence.

Your home for sale in 90 days?

Join the movement of people who are turning their residential homes into properties they're proud to sell on the real estate market with House Proud Home Sellers (HPHS), an online training program for hands-on home sellers of all skill levels.

You will learn how to transform your home and be ready for a successful sale in just 90-days, even in a time-poor household.

House Proud Home Sellers
House Proud Home Sellers

Capture the magic of your home

Imagine yourself as a buyer - what would you be looking for in your next purchase? With House Proud Home Sellers, you will:

  • be taken on a journey that equips you with the tools and skills to transform your home into a house you can proudly sell, 
  • learn how to showcase the best features of your home and make it stand out from others,
  • and, get an inside look at what buyers want.

Get your house 'results ready'

You can expect surprising results in your own home by elevating your selling experience as part of our private community.

Reduce your stress and simplify your life faster. Be confident buyers will love your home. Find out what it's all about by signing up for the online training program.

You’ll walk away feeling right at home—even if you’ve never sold a home before.

House Proud Home Sellers

In Three  Short Months, You Could Be…

  • Market¬†aware
  • Open-home ready
  • Negotiating a contract

Getting started is what's important to ensure a smooth transition from homeowner to home seller to house sold. By joining House Proud Home Sellers (HPHS) you are taking the first step to a successful, stress-less home sale.

Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging

I highly recommend the buying public take this course! Tracey and I have been working together for years, and I find that her insights and understanding of what it takes to present a house as strong as possible from day one is second to none. She is spot on as she states how an accumulation of small things can lead to a large price reduction.  Join Tracey today. You’ll have a stronger sale tomorrow!

Bobbie McGrath, Top Ten US Home Stager

Successful Staging
Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging

Tracey has an innate talent for transforming ordinary houses into extraordinary homes with her brilliant skills in home styling. Tracey is passionate and professional in all facets of her business and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Matt Jones, Founder & Facilitator

Australia's Largest Property Networking Group
Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging

I am a photographer that has worked on multiple projects with Presentation Sells. Their work is fantastic! Working with Tracey is always so easy and friendly, I love working with her and would recommend anyone looking to sell their home quickly to contact her. Last job I did with them, the first person that came through the door gave an offer on the house, I was not even finished taking the pictures!

Carole Margand, Professional Photographer 

Caco Photography

House Proud Home Sellers

60 DAYS access to all 7 MODULES using

The GOLD-Class System

The 'House Proud Home Sellers' program is based on a proven system that transforms your home from GOLD to SOLD in 7 modules available over 60 DAYS.

1-Self Study


One payment - $200 SAVING

Introductory Price!

HOUSE PROUD HOME SELLERS Online Training Program

using The GOLD-Class System


Self Study

What's included in the HPHS online training program:

1.  You will learn the action steps to PREPARE, PRESENT & PROFIT from your occupied home for sale using The GOLD-Class System.

2. The GOLD-Class System 7 MODULES, 22 Lessons delivered from Day One in the online training program with VIDEOS, LINKS & DOWNLOADS on how to prepare, present, and profit faster with less stress at sale. 

3. Plus BONUS CONTENT & UPGRADES. Bonus materials including full access to the Home  Transformation Week 6-lesson pre-training video series.

Your 60 DAY Membership will be chock full of course access PLUS newly created course content for the duration of your program membership.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING available upon application.

COMPLETION Certificate.

ADDITIONAL member rewards, special offers, and more.


2-Group Study


One payment - $394 SAVING

Introductory Price!

HOUSE PROUD HOME SELLERS Online Training Program Team Study

using The GOLD-Class System


Team Study

What's included in the HPHS online training program:

1.  You will learn the action steps to PREPARE, PRESENT & PROFIT from your occupied home for sale using The GOLD-Class System.

2. The GOLD-Class System 7 MODULES, 22 Lessons delivered from Day One in the online training program with VIDEOS, LINKS & DOWNLOADS on how to prepare, present, and profit faster with less stress at sale. 

3. Plus BONUS CONTENT & UPGRADES. Bonus materials including full access to the Home  Transformation Week 6-lesson pre-training video series.

Your 60 DAY Membership will be chock full of course access PLUS newly created course content for the duration of your program membership.

PRIVATE COACHING available upon application.

COMPLETION Certificate.

ADDITIONAL member rewards, special offers, and more.


House Proud Home Sellers

Introducing The GOLD-Class System


House Proud Home Sellers

The House Proud Home Sellers' membership program is built on a solid platform using 'The GOLD-Class System'; the exclusive method for presenting your owner-occupied property for profit. 

Join award winning real estate stylist Tracey McLeod, as she delivers the 'how-to' home presentation secrets to accelerate your home's transformation from gold to sold. 

Buyers will pay more when your home presents as


Developed for beginners and beyond the GOLD-Class System is simply a complete online training solution that elevates your owner-occupied home selling experience and that of your home buyers, from basic to GOLD-Class. It transforms you into a house proud home seller. This unique method avoids regurgitated to-do lists, simplistic solutions, and reality TV drama. This course proudly flies in the face of common real restate practice, yet everyone who uses it to transform their home for sale significantly improves their return on investment. They are proud to present their homes, they look forward to open home inspections. 

And, they can spot a top offer when they see one!


Gold, Calculate, Love

This may seem daunting now, but saving your sanity is my first priority. Before you dive into the art of styling, you'll need to prepare a beautiful canvas. Buyers desire a low-maintenance, move-in ready home.

Do you know exactly what that means and how to achieve it?

Using my exclusive home presentation method, The GOLD-Class System, will remove the guesswork and allows you to focus only on what's going to bring in top dollar to your home at your price range in this moment on the market. 



"You are sitting on a gold mine but know it not."

Module 1

Go Observe Like a Detective

This is your magnifying glass into how and where to find the gold in your home and present it for profit. Discover:

  • Who is buying?
  • Who is selling?
  • At what price point?

Build a complete picture of what top dollar looks like and how to achieve it.

Module 2

Calculate Return On Investment

Do you know how to calculate your selling price range and where your effort will bring top results? Calculate:

  • Low cost / high return on investment (ROI);
  • High cost / high return on investment (ROI);
  • Low cost / low return on investment (ROI);
  • High cost / low return on investment (ROI).

Learn where to save, where to spend, and importantly, how not to overspend.

Module 3

The 'Fall-In-Love' Formula

You'll discover the three elements of ‘loveability’ and how to apply them to every room in your home. You’ll learn:

  • Liveability,
  • Walkability,
  • Desirability.

Develop 'buyers eyes' as each module builds upon the previous one.


Attract, Style, Show

The beauty of this part of the process is that you have an opportunity to create 'Fall-In-Love' factor. This is the siren's call to a buyer who is just waiting for 'the one' - the home they are looking to fall in love with. Avoid discounting the importance of each activity in this part of the home transformation process.  This synergy, creates a win-win situation. You'll unlock the secrets to selling for top dollar and deliver a home your buyers will be eager to move into. 


Appreciate your ASSET

"Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time."

Module 4

Attract Cashed-Up Buyers

Learn how to attract cashed-up buyers to your first viewing with market-focused presentation, including:

  • The bad photo booth v the money shots;
  • Why homes languish on the market (and why yours won't);
  • The correct amount of space and comfort in the home.

You are aiming for multiple offers from your first open home viewing. 

Module 5

One Day Makeover

You can add style, even when using your existing furniture and furnishings, and do it all in one day! In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • The elements of style;
  • 1-Day makeover on any budget;
  • Colour Psychology in homes for sale.

You'll learn room-by-room photo-readiness and professional photos in one day.

Module 6

Market-Ready Home

Learn how to keep your home show-ready and prepare for buyer inspections in one hour. You'll discover:

  • A foolproof system for viewing at short notice;
  • How to quickly prepare for each viewing;
  • Rinse and repeat until sold.

While your goal is to sell for top dollar from the first open viewing, you'll still need to be inspection-ready until your home sale goes unconditional.


How to recognise Top Dollar

Now is your moment to shine. You have an opportunity to make a difference to yourself and your family for the future.

This training course can help you make that  difference...

then let's get started today!


Prepare for PROFIT 

"A successful seller profits from joy."

 Module 7


Top Dollar is the ideal journey's end. Here's how to recognise it when the offers start coming in. Discover:

  • What does top dollar look like?
  • How to know when to accept it.

Making good financial decisions at this stage is critical to your home selling success. 


KICK START Live Training plus Q+A 

[DAY 1] 7 x 1-hour fortnightly sessions - Live access every two weeks

Catapult your selling success with direct bi-weekly F2F online training program.

'House Proud Home Sellers' (HPHS) is an action-oriented online training program where your success comes from doing the action steps in each module. Thats why this is the right place to help you successfully present your owner-occupied home for sale. 

Each fortnight we KiCK START the release of each module with a live 1-hour introduction to the lessons and action steps in each module.

This bi-weekly event is designed show you exactly how to master each action step at every stage of 'The GOLD-Class System' so you'll be equipped with the tools to master every activity in the HPHS online training program.

This is for you if... 

Getting started now is what's important to ensure a smooth transition from home seller to house sold. 

  • Sign up and instantly receive¬†''Home Transformation Week:¬†Your Path To¬†Profitable Home Selling"
  • Get started from Day 1 with KICK-START Live fortnightly¬†module overview and Q&A.
  • Continue¬†step-by-step through The GOLD-Class System video¬†content¬†and complete the activities as you go.¬†
  • Get rich and relatable training as an absolute beginner¬†toward a top dollar¬†home for sale.¬†
  • Keep going until you get it SOLD!
Bobbie McGrath, Successful Staging

As a founding member of House Proud Home Sellers I was fortunate to be given early access to some aspects of this amazing course. It has blown me away due to the valuable information I have learnt. The real world examples backed by factual data in the videos, along with the fact that Tracey is so professional and has years of experience, cannot be ignored.

Helen Jones, Stage the Dream

Property Stylist

The end result was 8-10% higher than what we thought we could achieve. 

Greg & Annette

Home Sellers

I know we have done everything possible to show this lovely home off to its absolutely full potential.

Diane May

Home Seller

Thanks for a great job and commitment to making (the home) the best that it could be! 

Pat, Home Seller

Ontario Canada

Bonuses Inside

For House Proud Home Sellers


Home Transformation Week

You have one shot at getting this right! Join award-winning occupied home staging specialist Tracey McLeod, as she dives deeply into the market, mindset, and magic of real estate presentation in this BONUS revamped 6-part video series. You'll learn:

  • 6 Essentials¬†For A Top Dollar Home Sale
  • 5 Common Mistakes Home Sellers¬†Make
  • 4 Biggest Concerns Home Sellers Face
  • #1¬†Top Secret for Home Selling Success
Home Transformation Week

BONUS: 'Top Dollar Tight Budget' 

You'd be surprised how many homeowners are renovating with future profits in mind. This BONUS eBook is your crystal ball into where to start for a successful sale on a tight budget.  

Discover the top 5 low-cost home improvements that make a top-dollar sale. Then, learn the next five home improvements that can help you to sell faster and for more money.

You'll see for yourself, the before and after room transformations and the difference they made at sale!

Its not about how much you spend but where and how wisely you spend that counts for a top dollar home sale.

BONUS 'Colour Psychology In the Home' 

Colour psychology truly is the secret ingredient to inviting home sellers into your home for sale and allowing them to fall in love with it as they explore room-by-room.

In 40-plus pages of full-colour photos and simple explanations, this easy-to-read home seller resource focuses on three essential elements of colour psychology in the home:

  • Universal colour meanings, 
  • Cultural colour meanings, and
  • Colour psychology for home selling.

"I read it from cover-to-cover and then read it again!"

Colour Psychology In Homes For Sale
HPHS Bonus Interviews

BONUS Advanced Notice

Don't miss out on community news!

Get notified when we are hosting live events and advanced training. Look out for special offers and other opportunities to grow your knowledge. 

Let us know if you're inspired to host an event for House Proud Home Sellers in your local community. 

BONUS Interviews 

Forget the hype and regurgitated misinformation from those who have never attempted to transform a home for selling. Get your questions answered in our private community.

Plus, take advantage of our home-grown home presentation blog posts, low-cost how-tos, and video interviews with industry experts.

Colour Psychology In Homes For Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

About The (HPHS) Program

Results & Recommendations 

I can't wait for you to join me... 


Tracey McLeod is the creator of the first online training program for House Proud Home Sellers. Bringing her expertise to occupied family homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over a decade, Tracey McLeod has personally helped occupied family home sellers to stand out and sell their homes for top dollar. She has developed a style of occupied home staging that attracts high buyer interest, multiple offers, and record sale times in homes selling at any price point. 

In her local area Tracey's work has increased occupied home sale prices by between $20,000 and $215,000 above the agent’s pre-presentation estimates or offers submitted pre-staging, in one to 28 days on the market by bringing The GOLD-Class System to owner-occupied family homes. That is why she is rated among the top Home Stagers internationally.

Tracey has been recognised for professional excellence and superior skills in the art of home staging by an international group of top-performing home staging professionals being nominated in the Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging 2022, 2020 and 2019, and Home Stager of the Year International Finalist 2016 by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), the world's leading peak body for home staging.

Tracey is also WINNER of the prestigious Housing Industry Association (HIA) + Design Industry Australia (DIA) Award for Property Stylist of the Year Gold Coast/Northern Rivers as voted by the expert judging panel in 2015 and 2016 as well as a state finalist and a regional finalist again in 2017 and 2018.

She has also been named in the top 1.5% of home stagers across the globe for customer service as¬†‚ÄúBest of Houzz‚Ä̬†for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

In 2021, 2022 & 2023, Tracey was invited to judge the prestigious Housing Industry Awards (HIA) in here local area as well as a peer review panelist in the 2021 RESA international home staging awards. 

Give your home the

house proud love it deserves.



If you believe...

We can help you to safely and securely address your home selling success in a vibrant community of house proud home sellers like you who are preparing, presenting and profiting from the homes they are living in, because...

  •  Knowledge is power.

  • Home presentation sells.

  • You deserve a stress-free sale.

  • Your safety and sanity during the home selling process matters!