Our comprehensive in-person and online consultation services are tailored to you, the busy homeowners living in the home while selling. We help you to find top-dollar in your home for sale within your time frame and budget.

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Personalised In-Home Consultation

Sellers often unwittingly leave dollars on the table when preparing the family home for sale. Now you can kick start your selling success with this highly popular hands-on 'learn as you go' 2-hour consultation. We turn highlighting the ‘gold’ in your home for sale into an action-packed adventure!

This consultation is ideal if you’re looking to stretch your home staging dollars further by preparing the home yourself. We bring trade contacts, colour swatches, carpet and flooring samples, product recommendations, and expert information on room layout and placement of art and accessories.You’ll then have a clear and comprehensive action plan for moving forward.

What to expect:

  • Be prepared for a fast-paced consultation as we move through the interior and exterior of the home.

  • Plan on taking notes. We cover a lot of information and will be hands-on moving items as we go.

  • You will end up with a Top Ten To-Do List so you know what to start on immediately.

The total investment for the first two hours is $197, which comfortably covers a single living 3 bedroom family home. Larger homes may need longer, so your time needs will be discussed during the phone call.


After Initial Consultation

Photo Preparation

Low on time but still want those great marketing photos? The photo preparation is a fast turnaround service to get you photo-ready in one hour. We will send you a photo-prep toolkit to help you get ready for our arrival and to prepare for open homes in the future. This is vital to help you get the most out of the photo preparation service.

Our stylist moves quickly and efficiently to show your home in the best possible light for that all-important photo shoot. This service can also be used to prepare your home for the first open home.

For a top-dollar result, this service is best paired with our very popular 2-hour in-home consultation service.

What to expect:

  • We will send through the photo-prep toolkit so you can remove household items not needed for the photoshoot.
  • Cleaning the home and windows inside and out beforehand will help you get the best online photos to attract buyers.

The total investment for a minimum of one hour is $120 per stylist, which covers a single living 3 bedroom family home. Additional support staff and extra time can be allocated for larger homes, or bigger projects, upon request in advance.


Connected Consultation

Remote Room-by-Room Recommendations Delivered Live via Zoom

Your safety is the key to this remote consultation option. Let's get started with our complimentary 15-minute exploratory phone conversation so we can quickly uncover your needs and desires with regard to your home for sale. We will book a Zoom time once you have returned the detailed pre-consultation questionnaire and provided room-by-room photos of your home.

Don't worry about a thing! We have it all covered in our pre-consultation planning kit that will be sent to you for completion in advance. Highlights of the consultation include:

  • Examination of the top upgrades that will give you a faster and smoother sale.
  • A detailed review of the money rooms in your home and the best budget options for a top-dollar return on investment.
  • Recommendations for trades and services, repairs and maintenance, storage and just about any other solution.
  • You will end up with a Top Ten To-Do List so you know what to start on immediately.

The total investment for the first two hours is $297, which comfortably covers a single living 3-bedroom family home. Larger homes may need longer, so your time needs will be discussed during the phone call.


What's it like working with Tracey McLeod?

Why should you trust your home's presentation to occupied consultation specialist, Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells? Here's what some of our home sellers and real estate friends have to say...


Tracey staged my home for sale. I was amazed at how she was able to make only minimal changes (rearrange items, change the orientation of items, move items from one room to another, add in carefully chosen, colour/style coordinated items from her vast inventory, and, of course, remove a lot of my items!) but totally transform my home, all in just one day! She works quickly and efficiently, is a very pleasant and professional person to work with and, best of all, charges a very reasonable rate indeed for her expert services. The end result: my home sold in one just weekend, and at a higher price point than I expected!


Lawrence Peters
Home Seller


Tracey McLeod was professional and sensitive when transforming our home into a showpiece... which we love! Tracey was professional and respectful of my attachment to my “stuff” when tactfully leading me to a new way of displaying items. I loved her ideas and would never have thought of them myself. For example, a large four-poster bed in the centre of the room rather than against the wall - which looks amazing! She thinks outside the box with fabulous results!!!

I would highly recommend her services! Tracey provided us with an aesthetically practical home. Is that not what we all aim for??? It is very easy to live in. I would totally use Tracey again! I like what she did so much to my current home... I wish I had her revamp my house ten years ago so we could have enjoyed the benefits as we are enjoying them now. Thanks so much Tracey... love your work!!!


Karen Bygott
Home Seller


Presentation Sells styled my latest listing for my clients and helped us achieve a phenomenal sales price- $46,000 above list price. Tracey was able to use the best of the client's own furniture and then add what was needed- thereby keeping the cost down and giving us a stunning result which ended with 51 groups through in the first 24 hours, 6 written offers and a brilliant sale price.

I knew we would get a great price, but I was expecting around $620,000. The extra $25,000 brought tears to my sellers' eyes. And they simply didn't recognize their own home- it looked like a display home. She kept them fully appraised of the process and made sure the whole experience was as pain-free as possible- especially considering that they had a toddler, a baby on the way and a large dog who also lived in the house.


Lorena Chiappara
Real Estate Agent

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