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Discover stress-free occupied home selling and top dollar at sale while living in your home with House Proud Home Sellers, an online training program using the unique GOLD-Class System, a proven home presentation system for occupied home selling success. 

You want to start preparing your home for sale, but worry...

Your budget is tight and you're concerned about the cost of selling. Using the GOLD-Class System you choose your home presentation budget level: No $, Some $, or More $.

You have ideas but don't know how or when to get started...

Presenting your home for sale is a new skill set, especially when you are preparing your home for a new generation of buyer. Don't worry. The GOLD-Class System has you covered. 

You are already drowning in the day-to-day demands...

You are not alone. Feeling  overwhelmed with the task of preparing to sell while running a household is normal. With the GOLD-Class System the job will not be yours alone. 


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Why House Proud Home Sellers?

This is what I feel is missing from the broader real estate industry in its service to home sellers. While we currently focus on the profit potential of the home, we have a ‘tear the bandaid off’ approach to the process of preparing and presenting a home for selling, especially while the owners are living in it. 

Presenting your home for sale is about highlighting the ‘fall-in-love factor’ of your property. If it’s too unique, it can be hard to sell. If it’s too bland, it will fail to achieve top dollar. Continued holding costs and uncertain market conditions can prompt poor judgement. 

Without proper guidance, sellers start costly renovations or repairs that don’t bring in more dollars at sale - and may even leave their home lingering on the market. They can end up discouraged and dissatisfied, and sink back into the ‘sea-of-sameness’ that often characterises the home-for-sale market. Or, they end up deflated, defeated, and desperate for a sale.

The Home Transformation Journey

A busy road, a big dog, a toddler and a baby on the way. This home needed a few accessories and rearranging of existing furniture to bring it up to a top dollar sale on a tight budget. All of the furniture used was the clients' own.

Meet The Home Sellers

Iain and Ellisha describe their home selling journey and the top dollar result from the first open home. They continued to show the home once the top offer was accepted, while awaiting finance approval.


Real Results 

ORDINARY home prior to occupied home presentation. Styling completed in one day.

SOLD $46,000 above the asking price from first weekend on the market. 51 groups through and 6 written offers.

Lorena Chiappara Licensed Real Estate Agent

 What The Real Estate Agent Said... 

Presentation Sells styled my latest listing for my clients and helped us achieve a phenomenal sales price- $46,000 above list price. Tracey was able to use the best of the client's own furniture and then add what was needed - thereby keeping the cost down and giving us a stunning result which ended with 51 groups through in the first 24 hours, 6 written offers and a brilliant sale price.

knew we would get a great price, but I was expecting around $620,000. The extra $25,000 brought tears to my sellers' eyes. And they simply didn't recognize their own home- it looked like a display home.

Tracey kept them fully appraised of the process and made sure the whole experience was as pain-free as possible- especially considering that they had a toddler, a baby on the way and a large dog who also lived in the house.

Lorena Chiappara

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Hi, I'm Tracey McLeod

Let me introduce you to 'House Proud Home Sellers'. An introductory property styling course that addresses the needs of owner-occupied home sellers on any budget. It also equips professional home stagers, property stylists, real estate agents, interior decorators, and designers who are wanting to expand into occupied home staging. 

Using The GOLD-Class system, I explain how to prepare, present, and profit from your home for sale - no matter your price point or budget for selling. Your home will stand out and sell using a style of home presentation that attracts high buyer interest, multiple offers, and record sale times for motivated owner-occupied home sellers.

Tracey McLeod, Presentation Sells

This lovely lady is a gem!! It was a pleasure having Tracey here to show us how we can do little changes and leave a huge impact in the overall impression. We loved our house and our style beforehand, but now we have the "wow" factor in every zone of our house!!

- Sandra, Home Seller.

Well I had to email to let you know - Tracey is a prophet. Nothing, nothing, nothing, then Pow! We accepted an offer on our house this weekend, on a day when we had 3 interested parties, 2 actively bidding. Yay!

- Jo, Home Seller.

I love everything about it… From living in a shoebox to a trendy and cosy home. Bringing a woman’s touch seems simple and easy to do, but to transform a place into something trendy and cosy that your buyer can call home… that’s something special.

- Jack, Home Seller.

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