House Proud Home Sellers

Live Launch for House Proud Home Sellers

8:00 am Thursday, 23 NOV (AEST)

6:00 pm Wednesday, 22 NOV (ET USA)

How to present your occupied home for a top dollar sale

while living in it!

with Tracey McLeod

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


True Transformation

How House Proud Home Sellers have a safer, smoother, and more satisfying home selling experience while living in their homes for sale.


Top Dollar

Unlock the top dollar formula and you can get great results! Since 2011, I've used this strategy to help occupied home sellers make between $20,000 and $215,000 more than their pre-presentation price expectations.


Falling In Love

Your home's presentation is the only thing you can control while living in your home for sale. Keep your costs down and focus on attracting keen buyer interest with the fall-in-love formula.


Real Sellers' Stories

Meet successful house proud home sellers who've made top dollar at sale, even on the tightest budgets and time frames for selling.

House Proud Home Sellers

On average, we are only selling a home once every decade and, more often than not, we are faced with an underlying reason. For many, this can be a happy transition; but for others, there are the ‘Dreaded D’s that surround seller decision making: divorce, debt, and more.

Even without underlying despair, home selling is at the top of the ‘most stressful things that we can do' list. We are all susceptible, whatever our location or selling price-point. 

It is our lack of experience, the need to keep the home ‘show-ready’, and the enormity of the potential profit or loss, that can tip even the most balanced seller into uncertainty.

The GOLD-Class System

  • This is what I feel is missing from the broader real estate industry in its service to home sellers. While we currently focus on the profit potential of the home, we have a ‘tear the bandaid off’ approach to the process of preparing and presenting a home for selling, especially while the owners are living in it. 
  • Without proper guidance, sellers start costly renovations or repairs that don’t bring in more dollars at sale - and may even leave their home lingering on the market. They can end up discouraged and dissatisfied; sinking back into the ‘sea-of-sameness’ that often characterises the home-for-sale market, or they end up deflated, defeated, and desperate for a sale.

  • That’s why I developed The GOLD-Class System. To create certainty in the occupied home sellers’ journey. Staging your home is about highlighting the ‘fall-in-love factor’ of your property. If it’s too unique, it can be hard to sell. If it’s too bland, it will fail to achieve top dollar. Continued holding costs and uncertain market conditions can prompt poor judgment. 

  • When you go to the movies, you can have the time-honoured, movie-going experience, OR you can have a ‘Gold-Class’ experience. The 3-part ‘GOLD-Class’ System for house proud home sellers, provides a blueprint that boosts the occupied home sellers’ confidence while navigating their ever-present personal, work, and family commitments. 

A Note From Tracey McLeod

You deserve to make top dollar from your home for sale!

Hi, I’m Tracey McLeod and I help house proud homeowners solve the problem of how to make top-dollar from their home for sale while living in it.

Together, we unlock the gold to get your home sold within your time frame and budget by using my proven 3-part GOLD-Class System of owner-occupied home presentation for selling. 

Take the time and trust this most important process to help you to make sound decisions based on fact, not fiction. Join me at the Masterclass to learn more.