For more than a decade, I’ve helped occupied home sellers in a variety of markets achieve between $20,000 and $215,000 more from their homes for sale in one to thirty days on the market, regardless of their reason for selling.

As an investor prior to starting my home staging business, I viewed over 250 homes for sale looking for ways that I could potentially profit from home sellers’ mistakes.

This, in addition to working closely with occupied home sellers in a very broad range of homes, and living through my own home sales, has given me insights into the reasons why sellers don’t sell for top dollar. 


Tracey McLeod

Having sold my own homes during times of emotional upheaval, once as a result of divorce, once as a single relocating to another city, and once as the daughter whose mum had recently passed; I understand how unprepared we often are for the emotional rollercoaster that we are about to ride as occupied home sellers. 

Through this, I understand that every home sellers’ story is unique, yet every selling process is similar.


Owner-Occupied Homes

On average, we are only selling a home once every decade and more often than not, we are faced with an underlying reason. For many, this can be a happy transition; but for others, there are the ‘Dreaded D’s that surround seller decision making - family deaths, divorce, debt, disease, disability, etc.

Even without underlying despair, home selling is often at the top of the list of ‘most stressful things that we can do’. We are all susceptible, whatever our location or price-point for selling. It is our lack of experience, the need to keep the home ‘show-ready’ and the enormity of the potential profit or loss, that can tip even the most balanced seller into uncertainty.


Staging Stats

For over a decade, I've assisted homeowners to create spaces they love to live in while they are selling. Here's a snapshot of some of our early pre-Covid success in local markets:

  • 100% of our property styled homes sold to date, received a good offer within the first 30 days on the market,
  • 85% of them sold within the first 30 days,
  • Of those sold, 57% sold from the first viewing,
  • All spent 80% less days on the market when compared with average days on the market in their suburb.
  • In addition to selling at 10% above the suburb average, the homeowners saved between $3,600 and $11,700 in holding costs when compared with the average mortgage, household expenditure and days on the market in their suburb.
  • Four consecutive homes sold from the first viewing and within 2% of asking price in suburbs with an average of 100+ days on the market and 10%+ discount rates at the time of sale. 

How we help you succeed

Let us help you fall in love with your home and keep it show ready on the market.

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Let's Talk

Collaboration is the cornerstone of success in working closely with owner-occupied home owners. It's also the joy of connecting with other professionals who help make each house a home.

Lets explore ways to build a supportive community. You may want to hire me to speak about owner-occupied home selling; connect on a podcast; or explore other promotional ideas.

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What a fabulous concept Tracey has developed! I believe she is just the right professional to follow it through. I have worked with Tracey on many property styling & interior decoration projects.

Tracey has a contagious positive attitude and unwavering enthusiasm towards property presentation and  customer satisfaction. Tracey lives and breathes "House Proud Home Sellers" and really believes the program can deliver higher prices and faster sales.

I do too!

Together we have experienced and celebrated many successful property styling campaigns with clients who were believers in the ""House Proud Home Sellers" concept but just didn't realise HOW successful and stress-free the sale of their properties could be with the support of Tracey.

She has that 'get back on the horse' attitude with every project she tackles and I believe she is just the kind of professional who can make a difference to the wider community through this program.

Taryn Whitaker,
Interior Design Decorator

I convene a large part of Griffith Business School's internship program. We currently have one post-graduate student completing a market research project for “House Proud Home Sellers" and plan to place another in the new year to continue the project.

I have also known the company's CEO, Tracey McLeod, professionally for some 20 years. Tracey's entrepreneurial approach has led directly to this project. She is now building a strong team around her that I'm sure will maximise the chances of its success.

Tracey herself is diligent and hard working, focussed and committed; and I'm sure that she is well-placed to make "House Proud Home Sellers" and her company significant success stories.

Alan Blackman
WIL Convenor & Senior Lecturer
Griffith University
Tracey McLeod Awards

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