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INTERVIEW: How To Prepare Your Home For Top Dollar While Living In It

home for sale home selling home staging home transformation week house proud home sellers presentation sells Apr 30, 2021
Home Staging TV with Tracey and Tori

Why home sellers need to be educated on how to prepare, present, and profit from their homes

with Presentation Sells' Tracey Mcleod and Home Staging TVs Tori Toth


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In general, as a home seller, you are the least educated person in the real estate deal, while you’re selling perhaps your largest asset. 

  • The reason I say that is because you may only sell your home once every 7, ten, or twenty years. Even if you have been following the local real estate market, your buyers will be viewing between 10 and 20 homes in your area at your price point prior to making an offer. 
  • In Australia capital cities, 75% of the market is selling at under $1.5million but as we know underlying maybe the same percentage of sales is a dreaded ‘D’ of death, divorce, disease, disability, etc. that has prompted the sale.
  • Meanwhile, on top of your personal issues, you’re facing market uncertainty, the prospect of having strangers in your home, AND buying in the same market, all of which is a melting pot for heightened stress and lowered decision-making ability.
  • Watch the video to get the full training.

Every home seller wants top dollar from their home at sale. 

    • Top Dollar is the personal best price that you and your home can achieve given your budget and time frame for selling and the current market conditions. 
    • Top Dollar comes at the meeting place of price, presentation, and photos.
    • You find top dollar when you can successfully highlight your home’s liveability, desirability, and walkability or “Fall In Love Factor” and then capture that in your marketing photos.


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