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Stand Out In The 'Sea Of Sameness' Real Estate Market

How Occupied Home Sellers Stand Out In The Sea Of Sameness



Breaking free from the sea of sameness

Navigating the real estate market as a home buyer can often feel like traversing a sea of sameness. The "sea of sameness" refers to properties lacking differentiation and appearing  similar to one another in terms of features, amenities, and overall presentation. In such a market, it's challenging for individual properties to stand out, leading to increased competition and potentially lower prices.

The sea of sameness is a reminder that differentiation is key to success in today’s competitive real estate market for occupied home sellers. By finding ways to stand out and be unique you can attract attention, build interest, and drive buyers and offers to your open home. Without unique selling points, properties may fail to attract attention in a crowded market. This phenomenon can occur for various reasons:

  • Homogeneous Design: When many properties in an area have similar architectural styles or layouts, they can blend together, making it difficult for buyers or renters to distinguish between them. 

  • Standardised Feature: If most properties offer the same basic amenities, such as in an apartment complex, it can be challenging for one property to distinguish itself from another.

  • Limited Innovation: Lack of innovation in property design or amenities can contribute to a sea of sameness.

Breaking free from the sea of sameness often requires creativity and innovation. Even in staged homes, the interior styling can start to look the same after a while. Mesmerised by the decor, buyers look at the furniture itself, instead of at the home. Moments after leaving the home for sale, they have forgotten the home itself.

Meanwhile, home sellers run the gauntlet of choosing an agent based solely on optimistic pricing or low commission rates. Instead of preparing and presenting their homes for a top dollar sale, these ‘fed-up’ homeowners rush to market and can make a few mistakes along the way. Relying on chance can often lead home sellers to prolonged time on the market and uncertain outcomes.

The usual 'sea of sameness' owner-occupied home seller path:

• Find a selling agent based on price.

• Tidy the home and make beds before photoshoot.

• Hope for the best price at sale.

All that hard work for a long time on the market and uncertain results.

The GOLD-Class System: Seven Steps To Selling Faster On A Budget

Without proper guidance, sellers start costly renovations or repairs that don’t bring in more dollars at sale - and may even leave their home lingering on the market. They can end up discouraged and dissatisfied, and sink back into the ‘sea-of-sameness’ that often characterises the home-for-sale market. Or, they end up deflated, defeated, and desperate for a sale.

That’s why I developed the ‘Gold-Class System’ to create certainty in the occupied home sellers’ journey.

When you go to the movies, you can have the time-honoured movie-going experience, OR you can have an elevated ‘Gold-Class’ experience.

The 7-step ‘Gold-Class’ System for House Proud Home Sellers, provides a blueprint that boosts the occupied home sellers’ confidence while navigating their ever-present personal, work, and family commitments.

The ‘Gold-Class’ System defines the three distinct phases of the home selling process, “Prepare, Present, and Profit”. These are the proven P’s that overcome the dreaded D’s.

I break this proven process down into 7 achievable steps:
1. GOLD - Learn who is buying, who is selling, and at what price point in your area.
2. C - Calculate the expected return on investment from preparing your home for sale.
3. L - Love - How do you create fall-in-love factor?
4. A - Attract - How to bring buyers flocking to your home.
5. S - Style - Where and how do you add style and why.
6. S - Show - How to live in your on-the-market home.
7. $ - BONUS - Profit - How to know if you have a top dollar offer from Day 1 on the market.

While selling your occupied home quickly for top dollar requires energy and dedication, the return is well worth the effort. Embracing the House Proud Home Sellers path and deviating from the conventional approach, can elevate your selling experience and achieve optimal sales in today's competitive market.

Take the time and trust this most important 7-step process rolled out over seven weekly modules, to help you to make sound decisions based on fact, not fiction. You are not being educated from the front of the class but from your own experience. As your knowledge grows, and you apply it during the seven-week program, so does your confidence in your ability to attract that elusive top dollar sale.

Tracey mcLeod, Presentation Sells

Photo: Courtesy of Publico from Pixabay

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